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From Whence to Hence

Post by van »

Kia ora

"plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose" (the more it changes, the more it's the same thing).
old French epigram

I am somewhat disturbed by my recent forays into the MSM. I have dealt with some of that in a previous Post "Hmmmmmmm" yet despite having perhaps had some redress in that particular instance another current practice I find somewhat disturbing.
I am referring to the practice whereby readers can show appreciation or dissent via the simple pressing/clicking on an icon, 'thumbs-up' for approval, or 'thumbs-down' for disapproval. While a simple method of participating, I am nevertheless uncomfortably reminded of the 'Mob Rule' in the Colosseum of Ancient Rome. As a 'System' it gives an immediate insight into the mindset of the Mob by the Politicks which pertained to that particular Era.

Question is:"Is it appropriate in this day and age"?

My reason for raising this issue is due to having seen some well thought out,informed comments get belabored by massive negative 'thumbs-down' for no reason but sheer bloody-minded pig-F!@#$-ignorance!
To disagree and articulate your reason therefore, (in print) at least will show either informative dissension, or else woeful ignorance which can be addressed one way or t'other. But reducing dissent to simple objection without foundation smacks to me of attitudes stretching from the days of Rome to, and including the Dark Ages, times which did little to further Civilisation, if such it indeed is.
Or could the Tinfoil Coated Hat I wear from time to time, which conveys to me messages from a higher 'Sphere' be possibly correct, that in the overall scheme of things the 1% have devised/lowered all decision making to irrellevance?
Mind you, with my negative opinion of "bean's" in general, little progress has been made in the interim in any case.

SOOoooo , what say you Peasants??


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Re: From Whence to Hence

Post by pilvikki »

this plebe is not optimistic about the state of affairs. on the old in-your-face-book et al one sees a relatively amusing comment or joke turn into a melee about semantics/grammar/religion/human rights and a myriad of other options. the combatants have taken over the thread and trashed it. why? because they can.