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Site Software Update

Posted: 16 Feb 2015, 08:23
by Yogi
The news regarding software updates is both good and bad.

The bad news is that I tried to upgrade the software for our sister site, BFC and only accomplished corruption of the database. I could not go back to the original site and instead was forced to create a new forum with the newest software. I sought out help from the technical support forums for our software, but as is often the case with free and open source software, nobody had a solution for my dilemma. There is no easy way to go back to where we were because of the database corruption.

The good news is that the new software works very well. There are many small improvements that are immediately apparent to the average user, and several behind the scenes administrative improvements to make my life easier. Best of all is that the new software architecture allows for unprecedented expansion capabilities. They use the "plug-in" concept to add features which is much like adding apps to do cool tings on your mobile device. Overall the improved software is a good thing and a direction in which we are destined to follow.

The implications of my good/bad news experience are disappointing. To put it bluntly we will have to abandon this web site, neoBrainformation, and continue our mission on the new site. This is disappointing because I see no easy way to migrate all the posts we have here over to the new site. It might be possible to merge some nBF data with the new, but nothing short of a software engineer would be required to accomplish the task. I will be looking into the possibilities for doing that, but I don't hold out a lot of hope. Engineering time is very expensive and the software forum support seems to be lacking.

As of this writing I have a glimmer of an idea about how to proceed going forward. I am asking every one of our current members to at least register with the new site. If you have time, test it out to verify that everything is working as expected. We will be learning together in that regard. As interest in BFC increases, the look and feel can be changed and in that sense we will be building a custom virtual home suited to our needs. neoBrainformaton, this web site, will not go away entirely. At some point in the future the activity here should diminish and all our attention will be on BFC. I am setting an arbitrary goal of March 20th as the date on which this site will become read-only and effectively an archive. That should give us all time to complete any ongoing discussions and chats and to save off line any private messages of interest.

I realize that change is never easy and we may lose something in the process. The future's promise is for something safer, more interesting, and custom designed to our specifications. Go on over to BFC and give it a try. Let our brighter future begin now. ==>

Re: Site Software Update

Posted: 16 Feb 2015, 11:57
by Kellemora
I registered using the same log-in data as here.

It has to be approved before I can check to see why the username keeps reverting to something other than my username when the box appears.

Re: Site Software Update

Posted: 16 Feb 2015, 12:11
by Yogi
Thank you for registering. All new requests have to be approved so that I can sort out the robots from the real people. The filters I have in place work well but are not perfect.

As far as I know there is no good reason for your name to be changing. I didn't notice any such thing when I tested the function. If it's not what you want, let me know. I'll change your account name to whatever you specify.