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Spring Cleaning of Brainformation

Posted: 01 Jun 2014, 10:45
by forumadmin
Aside from being a neat and tidy webmaster, there are more compelling reasons for cleaning the ol' Brainformation house from time to time. First impressions are the lasting ones, and a well organized easy to use website will hopefully stick in the mind of any drive by guests that happen our way. Thus I am inclined to change styles, rearrange layouts, and alter forum descriptions so that we are easy to use and remember.

This time around not much has changed at first glance, but many of the forum descriptions and specific forum rules have been revised and updated. Our mission statement and code of conduct also have been updated and I encourage all of you to re-read them as an exercise to keep focused on what we are all about. Forum etiquette should be particularly noted when posting to the Discussion Forums section of our website. The etiquette is designed to structure the discussions so that search engines will be able to index us easily and to allow guests to quickly find information that is relevant to their interest. Who knows? If they like what they see, they might even sign up and contribute their own comments.
We are a work in progress and changes happen as the needs arise. Those that have been made recently were long overdue. As is always the case, we try to meet our members' needs and appreciate suggestions, comments, and reviews regarding what we are doing here.