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Re: Barowitz On Twitter

Post by kg »

Of course, one must note that NewsOne based that erroneous news report on the Borowitz report, so in this case it's the media that is out of touch, and not the politician so-quoted.

Of course, that doesn't detract from the fact that both are out of touch with reality, and that the media has proven out of touch as well makes it an even sadder commentary. One doesn't know what to believe anymore.

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Re: Barowitz On Twitter

Post by Yogi »

The Internet is a good-news/bad-news kind of thing. You can find anything you want out there, but it's often difficult to track it down to the source. Reporters often rely on the bogus information they find in the cloud and their editors pass it on through. The good news is that schools are teaching young children how to sort through this kind of BS.