Back again.

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Re: Back again.

Post by Ice.Maiden »

But even if I knew how to do that Gary, how can I put it in a fonts folder when there's nothing there to PUT in? : (

Everything I had, has now gone. I was fuming about it at first, but there's no point in crying over spilt milk. The person who worked on my computer got on with the job, thinking I'd saved what I really wanted. I didn't. He asked me ... when it was too late, so it's partly my fault and partly his. : (

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Re: Back again.

Post by Kellemora »

You can go on-line and find zillions of fonts. Do you remember the name of the font? If so, just search for that font in a search engine.
I have a few proprietary fonts I bought and paid for, so I could use them in commercial work.
But I still see them in use all over the place, without the folks getting into trouble for it.
If you can't find it, give me a holler, I have well over 1000 public fonts on CD's around here.
But I rarely need to pull one from a CD, because most are available on-line.

Here is one place where I get Free Commercial Use fonts from. The link to the Commercial ones are on the lower right of the main screen I am linking to.

Just remember "Public Domain" fonts are NOT the same as "Free" fonts.
Most fonts are free, but that don't mean you can use them for commercial use.
Always check the License governing the particular font you wish to use.