ingrown toenail

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~ Cindy
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ingrown toenail

Post by van »

Kia ora Cindy

On my big toe,LH side. What is the cause and best way to treat it? Once you've got it, is it there for keeps? If so, what is the least painful way of amputating the offending member? :shock:


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Re: ingrown toenail

Post by MWB »

Hi Bill.

I'm answering this for 2 reasons. 1: I used to work for a podiatrist as a receptionist. 2: I had an ingrown toenail & had it removed by aforementioned podiatrist.

It's a very simple procedure. The podiatrist gives a local into the toe area, then cuts the ingrown toenail out. It shouldn't grow back, although some do. But if they do, it takes years for it to do so.

The chap I worked for did mine after I left working for him so he only charged me for the anesthetic. It worked a treat! Oh! the pure joy after it simmered down & healed, (which wasn't long - a few days.)

Greymouth has a podiatrist, Kim Upfold. I saw him when I had my ankle replacement & needed orthotics. He's very good. I don't know if he's with.........

Coastal Podiatry
140 Mackay Street, Greymouth

or not, but either/or, podiatrist's are your hallux healers. :grin:

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Re: ingrown toenail

Post by pilvikki »

when i accidentally pruned my toenail too far back, i'd stuff a wee cottonball under that corner of the nail to prevent the nail from getting buried again.

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