sore knees

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sore knees

Postby WonderWoman » 24 Nov 2009, 17:04

i run most days, am probably a tad under my BMI ideal but find it difficult to put on pounds. Ive noticed recently that my knees and shins ache after my run. Thats apart from the clicking!
I take fish oil, seaweed, calcium supplements. Any help appreciatd.
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Re: sore knees

Postby ladypatg » 25 Nov 2009, 05:51

How old are your running shoes and have you been fitted recently? Sounds like shin splints to me. Like your shins and knees are taking a pounding. Feet change over time and you may need a different size or style or brand of running shoes.
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Re: sore knees

Postby brandtrn » 25 Nov 2009, 17:28

The knee is one of the most complex joints in the entire human body, and is, by far, the most likely to be injured. I could go into a long, drawn-out discussion of the anatomy and physiology of the knee, but it would, more than likely, be boring as Hell. Suffice it to say that, unlike the other joints in your body, the fact that a significant part of your knee is made of cartilage rather than bone makes it more prone to injury and deterioration. Cartilage does not have the blood supply that bone does, and it tends to rely on intermittent compression to squeeze out its waste products and then to absorb nutrients from the synovial fluid of your knee. During running, the mechanical make-up of your knee could make you more likely to have a mis-tracking kneecap, resulting in either too much or too little pressure being put on your cartilage, and waste products not being adequately removed or nutrients not being adequately absorbed. This can cause deterioration and softening of your knee cartilage. The subchondral bone, which is located directly beneath this articular cartilage, is rich in nerve endings, and is likely to be the source of your knee pain.

A few suggestions which will help you to heal and reduce your pain are as follows:

Decrease the amount of running you do, at least for a time.
Definitely avoid running downhill, down stairs, or down inclines, as this causes more stress on the knee joint.
Avoid exercises or activities that require your knees to be bent.
Check your shoes, and, if possible, consider getting some more stable shoes which will prevent over-pronation of your feet while running.
I highly recommend a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement (I use Osteo-Biflex, myself), because these compounds do promote joint health and help to reduce pain.
Straight leg lifts and exercises which will stretch your calf muscles and your hamstrings should also help.

And definitely, if you don't see some real improvement in your knee pain after trying these things for awhile, I strongly suggest that you make an appointment to see your Doc. Hell, it's probably not a bad idea to see him/her anyway, just to rule out an injury which might lengthen your recovery time. Keep me updated on how you're doing!
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Re: sore knees

Postby WonderWoman » 25 Nov 2009, 18:06

do you know what? I didnt even consider the state of my running shoes ive worn the same style for over 40years and change them every 4mths or thereabouts but thinking that they might be needing more than a cursory change bt more of a change in the type of shoe. Wil keep you up to date. Im also goin to speak to my physio.
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