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Re: An outsider looking in

Postby WonderWoman » 08 Mar 2010, 14:55

pinky wrote:you did the right thing WW abuse in any form is a societal problem taht requires a societal response. The best you can do is casually ask from time to time how things are for her. Also you need to be mindful of the children. Whilst they may not have endured any physical abuse the emotional impact of living in such and environment is equally harmful
im sad to say they split up, although gladly they get on better than ever. He admittd to having a problem being jealous and she receicves counselling. Much obliged again for the tremendous comments.
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Re: An outsider looking in

Postby Ice.Maiden » 24 Apr 2010, 20:15

Of course it is. I think we have to use logic though. Like all this "PC" stuff - it's sometimes caused more trouble than a little, and downright stupid in others. WHy can't a child sing "Baa baa black sheep", or call a chalk board a blacklboard? Absolutely ridiculous.
The same could escalate into what's "acceptable" behaviour, and what falls into an abusive category. You can't tell a child off these days, in case you hurt its feelings or seem aggressive, but because of these childrens' rights, they can run riot and become uncontrollable. I'm not so sure that that's a good thing at all, but education's needed, to make people realise that there are ways of understanding child behaviour, and ways of dealing with it in a calm way. Unfortunately, the rot's set in, due to government meddling and not dishing out strong enough punishments for the real offenders.
From what I see, many lof today's children are being brought up by parents who never knew boundaries themselves, so that sort of environment breeds more of it.
Those committing acts of abuse against children should be hammered by the law, but many walk out of court scot-free, and reoffend again.
The latest glorious idea, is that paedophiles should have rights, which means that previous crimes don't have to be declared! What sort of rubbish is that!!!?? Whoever dreampt it up must either be a non-family person, completely out of touch with what the public are demanding - or have weird tendencies themselves! What the hell's the world turning into?
OK.... I sound like my mother now!! : )
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