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Re: Recent pics

Postby mamie » 05 Jun 2008, 05:59

Good pictures, Bedford!

Did you notice in the steamboat race picture that it appears that the bridge is about to lop off the stacks on the steamboat?
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Brainiac Class Poster
Brainiac Class Poster
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Re: Recent pics

Postby Flogo » 05 Jun 2008, 11:45

I truly enjoyed your photos - and the names of the sites intrigued me. Especially the Barren River Lake - so, is it a river - or a lake?
I'm just funning with you. Whoever named it just couldn't make up his mind, I suppose.
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Bawdy ol' Broad
Bawdy ol' Broad
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Re: Recent pics

Postby Linda » 05 Jun 2008, 12:52

Great pictures Bedford! I especially liked the first one of the monument in Frankfort.

Now, how does that riverboat get under the bridge??
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