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Postby Silke » 04 Sep 2009, 05:30

read Order of the Stick? It is a web-comic. Jokes are RPG-related though so unless you play, you'd probably get just half the jokes. Anyways, beside the point. The point is that he started his web comic, and now he sells them in books, and yes, they sell!
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Postby jakimbro » 04 Sep 2009, 05:53

From your lips to gods ears, Silke! Make money on comics? Well that will be the day!

Actually i had my comics in a few local bookstores in the mid ninteis. i sold a couple or so- and would you beleive i ran into a fan or two on city bus across town. THEY KNEW ME! Recognozed my phot and wanted to know when the next one was coming out. But i as working midnights at kinkos and never got back into it all ---until NOW!

So maybe there;s asomething out there. I'd sure hate to end like my hero- HP Lovecraft. he died penniless and published only in a handful of pulp magazines like Weird tales. He didn't get big till the 60s- thirty years after he died. He died of malnutrition becuase he only ate candy. It was all he could afford to buy for food. TRUE story!
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