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Re: Prince of Persia

PostPosted: 05 Aug 2013, 16:37
by imhotep the 2nd
Glad you liked the emoticon!

Good grief Icey!!
Now that's what I call a coincidence, because my niece has given birth to a baby girl on the 2nd August weighing around 7lb something, and is in perfect health.
She's already got an older 10 or 11 year old daughter and a mischievous 5 year old boy.
I doubt if she'll have any more now though, but that's up to her.

Re: Prince of Persia

PostPosted: 06 Aug 2013, 07:56
by Ice.Maiden
Congratulations to your niece and the dad. Has the little girl got a name yet?

Re: Prince of Persia

PostPosted: 06 Aug 2013, 18:44
by imhotep the 2nd
Yes, she has got a name, but it's a very unusual mo while I get my mobile, as my niece sent a text with her name on it...
Since my niece speaks very good welsh, I think it's a kind of a welsh name, and her name is....
Alaw Haf (weird name for a girl don't you think?)

She weighed 7lb 4oz

Alaw AH low (rhymes with 'now') "melodious" from the name of a river in Anglesley.

Haf HAV "summer"

Re: Prince of Persia

PostPosted: 06 Aug 2013, 19:02
by Ice.Maiden
How beautiful. Is this a common name in Welsh - but not English, of course? Thanks for the pronunciation, by the way.

My friend's called her little boy Anton David.

Re: Prince of Persia

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2013, 17:22
by imhotep the 2nd
That's a nice name for a little boy Ice.

As for Alaw Haf, no it's not a common name at all....not as far as I know anyway.
That's the little girls first name by the way.

There are other common welsh names, but as for surnames Jones is very common indeed!

There are many Jones's in Wales!!

Re: Prince of Persia

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2013, 18:41
by Ice.Maiden
There are indeed - and Evans? Speaking of which, reminded me. I know of someone in Cornwall who was given the Cornish name of Methevan - with the emphasis on the "ev" bit. I forget what it means, but I'm sure it has something to do with summer flowers. I like these old or unusual names.

Re: Prince of Persia

PostPosted: 08 Aug 2013, 18:49
by imhotep the 2nd
As it happens my real name is derived from Welsh meaning "blessed, white, fair".
I won't say it here for privacy reasons though.

sorry folks!

Re: Prince of Persia

PostPosted: 09 Aug 2013, 05:54
by Ice.Maiden
Ta da! Well I know it, but I won't let on. Yes, it has a nice meaning.

Re: Prince of Persia

PostPosted: 15 Oct 2014, 18:46
by imhotep the 2nd
Going back to Tomsks original thread.....
have you managed to complete the Prince of persia game yet Tomsk?

I've got a Prince of Persia game on my Sony PSP called Revelations and it is really damn hard even on the EASY difficulty setting. Mind you I have persevered with it and it took me many months to finally complete it.
I was so relieved to beat the final boss, only to find out that it has a different ending depending if you picked up a particular sword or not. Or something like that. I haven't played it in absolute ages!!
So I just had to play it all again to get the other ending to it.
As usual it took many attempts to go right through it again, and after a lot of perseverance I completed it.

Same happened with my GOD OF WAR games for my Sony PSP too. Although these games are easy to complete on EASY mode, I tried them on GOD mode (VERY HARD), and after hours and hours of game playing I just managed to beat the Final boss who is rock hard to defeat.