I Need A Little More CHEEPNIS, Please!!

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I Need A Little More CHEEPNIS, Please!!

Postby kg » 11 Aug 2010, 03:33

In my perusals among the great Internets, I came across an old TV show that had me just ROFL! It also brought to mind a song by the great musician, Frank Zappa, called "Cheepnis":


Now while I encourage you to watch the above video (it's really good, and illustrates my point), this thread is not about the song itself, but the concept behind the song. I'll paraphrase the lyrics:

I love monster movies, I simply adore monster movies, And the cheaper they are, the better they are. And cheepnis in the case of a monster movie has nothing to do with the budget of the film, although it helps. But true cheepnis is exemplified by visible nylon strings attached to the jaw of a giant spider. I'll tell you, a good one that I saw one time, I think the name of the film was It conquered the world (YEAH!) And the... Did you ever see that one? The monster looks sort of like an inverted ice-cream corn with teeth around the bottom. It looks like a, like a teepee or a sort of a rounded off pup-tent affair. And ah, it's got fangs on the base of it, I don't know why but it's a very threatening sight...

One two three four...
I ate a hot dog
It tasted real good
Then I watched a movie
From Hollywood
Little Miss Muffett on a squat by me
Took a turn around, I said: Can y'all see?
The little strings on the Giant Spider?
The Zipper From The Black Lagoon?
The vents by the tanks where the bubbles go up?
(And the flaps on the side of the moon)
The jelly & paint on the 40 watt bulb
They use when the slime droozle off
The rumples & the wrinkles in the cardboard rock
And the canvas of the cave is too soft
The suits & the hats & the tie's too wide
And too short for the scientist man
The chemistry lady with the roll-away mind
And the monster just ate Japan
Ladies and gentlemen,
The monster,
Which the peasants in this area call FRUNOBULAX
(Apparently a very large poodle dog)...

You get the idea, and if you don't, read all the lyrics to the song.

Well, I think I've found the film that exemplifies the concept behind this song...even defines it...an old 1966 version of Ultraman:


Sit back, relax, view the video, and enjoy the Cheepnis! :lmao4:

Do you have any more candidates? :P
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