Change you can believe in

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Change you can believe in

Postby AJRC » 19 Dec 2010, 09:14

The US Senate has approved landmark legislation allowing openly gay people to serve in the military.

Senators voted 65-31 to overturn the 1993 "don't ask, don't tell" law, which bars gay people in the military from revealing their sexual orientation.

I know many would say Obama hasn't delivered on the promises he made. He's had to take over a country broken by 8 years of inept management so to expect instant change was always going to be a pipe dream.

But now he seems to be delivering on some of the things he said he would do in 2008. He's made massive economic reforms that would have been unheard of two years ago and his healthcare reform has seen massive changes already. Now the scrapping of the archaic "don't ask, don't tell" law will show his supporters they were right to vote for him. Change has been slow in coming but it seems it's finally here.

It's amazing in the 21st century just how racist and homophobic some people can be, but have a look at some of the more far right forums on the web and you'll see just how prejudiced and out-of-touch some people still are. :roll:
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