My Music Video Editing Project on YouTube

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My Music Video Editing Project on YouTube

Postby kg » 03 Nov 2008, 00:10

Yes, recently I ran across a video segment that I had been working on extensively, but hit a snag (trying to find a certain video for a transparent overlay) and drifted away from. It's a video I shot from a collection of songs by a local band named The Undecided ?. I have now uploaded that video to YouTube.

As I said, this video is unfinished and rather rough. I used some of the video effects to hide my "sins" (jerking the camera while panning, loosening the set knobs a little too much and losing control, etc.) but there's not too many of those. I also wish I had left the effects alone on the camera and just used the video editing software. There was very little control over those effects, especially switching between them; sometimes from one setting across the gamut of settings to the other setting I was shooting for.

But what I did with the video editing software I by and large did my best to time them, set them to "pan" through their settings, and tied them as tightly to the timeline (both video and audio) as I could. I don't think the results were too bad for an amateur video buff.

Also, the resolution is not the best quality, which is not my fault. The video is 10 minutes long, and the original file (in .mpg format) is 600+ Mb in size. Needless to say a file of this size is hardly "streamable," so naturally YouTube had to render the video into a format with a much smaller file size. This rendering didn't do the resolution any good, for sure! I wish you all could see the video as played from the original format. Unlike the YouTube video it is crystal clear; no fuzziness at all.

View the video and tell me what you think.

I'm starting to get accounts on every conceivable site on the internet these days, aren't I? :lol:
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