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Online Storage

Postby bermbits » 28 Mar 2012, 19:49

I have searched around and didn't find this topic, so if it's already been introduced and covered, send me over to it - thanks. I have been hearing radio ads for Carbonite. I know there are other such services around. Any thoughts on these storage sites? Do they do programs or just files? Are they worth the fee? Thanks.
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Re: Online Storage

Postby Yogi » 29 Mar 2012, 00:03

Exactly what they store has to be learned from their literature. Most likely it's not going to be executable programs. Typically it's files of some sort, such as text, music, or video. The concept is called cloud computing and is the way of the computer world these days.

In my opinion it's not the safest way to store your data, or at least it should not be the only way you store off line data. There are devices called Network Attached Storage (NAS) which in simple terms is hardware used to store the same things that would be stored on the Carbonite computers. NAS devices are typically attached to your home network via a router and they are not part of any computer. They are stand alone devices.

For a few hundred dollars you can get an NAS system. Most can be access from the web if you wanted to set it up that way, thus you end up with your own private cloud. Many enterprises are doing exactly that. The advantage of having your own NAS is that you pay once and not a monthly fee. Plus, you don't have to worry about somebody else's computer being up and running when you need it. The risk of your data being stolen or hacked is also reduced.

Perhaps somebody else can tell you about the benefits of a Carbonite type system, but I prefer to be in control of my own data storage and not pay somebody I never met to protect my private data.
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