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Postby Yogi » 06 Oct 2014, 11:24

BLOG: ... hat-to-do/

I ran across this article by accident while doing some research on the (as of this date) yet to be released newest distro of Ubuntu, i.e., 14.10. Apparently there isn't much difference from the old because some major departures in desktops is scheduled to happen come 2016. Until then we will be unimpressed with how Ubuntu and Unity are moving along. Oh, and from what I can tell, Unity will be officially buried come that release 18 months from now. But you Gnome lovers are not going to like what is replacing it. :(

And, that's where Greg's blog gets interesting. Ubuntu is one of the cooler distros because, inspite of their avoidance of advertising the concept, Ubuntu lends itself to many different desktops. Most of them will not work with Unity so that you have to do things to make your desktop of choice work well in Ubuntu. There are potential hardware issues too. Thus, if you are going to change desktops in Ubuntu, be prepared for some serious hacking (the good kind).

Much of what we have talked about in this forum regarding Linux, debian, and ubuntu is covered in the discussion about desktops. Ubuntu-Mate will be officially released later this month so that there will be an official Ubuntu with a Gnome2 look and feel. Or, you can do as Greg does and have several desktops at your fingertips by using something called tasksel. While Greg sings the praises of Mate, his favorite Gnome Clone seems to be XFCE. The Ubuntu flavor for that is Xubuntu.

I personally am still evaluating MATE, but have to say that I find no compelling reason to abandon Unity at this time. Then again, I'am also a Windows fan. LOL
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Re: Greg Laden's Blog

Postby Kellemora » 07 Oct 2014, 12:18

Hi Yogi

Thank you, it was a very interesting article.

I have Debian, Linux Mint Mate, Ubuntu 14.04 Unity and Ubuntu 14.04 Fallback installed.

I figured with all the Distro's trying to move to the Cell Phone LOOK and functioning, perhaps in preparation for when touch-screens will be commonplace. I've given Unity a fair amount of use. I've dedicated some of my days work to using the Unity Desktop, but it is a royal pain in the arse to get anything done using Unity.
One would think, using it daily, I would learn where they are hiding things and/or how to get to them more readily. I can't count the amount of time I've spent using search engines to find out how to do something in Unity, that is RIGHT THERE on the other Distro's.

I also give fair time to Linux Mint Mate. It is far more user friendly than Ubuntu, even Ubuntu Fallback.

I do not like XFCE or the other desktops, mainly because of the programs packaged with them. Obviously I prefer Gnome 2. Gnome 3 is basically no different than Unity, a sloppy mess with no direction to anything.

When it is time to get down to doing serious work, I always move back to Debian, so I can get my work done on time. Not exactly happy with the Gnome Classic they are using, but as I said, like XFCE and the others even less.

I'm sure I will be FORCED into using the Cell Phone style of Desktop in the near future. Perhaps my wife can teach me how to do things in that horrible working environment. She's used to it, since she started with Schmartz-Fonz a long time ago, and doesn't mind scrolling through a thousand icons looking for the one she wants to slide across the screen, then backing back up to it.

I'm old fashioned, hi hi...

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