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Do I bury my 'Relic' - with full military honours?

PostPosted: 05 Sep 2014, 16:55
by JackGriffin
:o When writing - or just browsing - I am a you tube addict. I am playing my beloved 'Best of Rossini' as I speak. Recently when linking up with you tube - a 'caption' tells me that my aged Windows XP - thought by me to be 'cutting edge technology' - is shortly to be 'no longer supported'! :o

I followed :mrgreen: instructions on how to upgrade to something or other '8.5'. I am now told that my PC will not accommodate this!

Although I have grudgingly allowed access to two lap-tops - I cannot abide the flimsy feminine contraptions. Any music - played thereapon. - is tinny & cr*p!

Is this the 'end of the line' - for my 'Relic'? To escape to my 'Den of Inequity' & my old rig - has saved my w*fe on numerous occasions - from the throttling that she soooooo deserves!

Also - what does 'High CPU useage by 'google chrome user' mean? Another aggravating caption that keeps appearing! I don't consider I am over using Google! Help!

Re: Do I bury my 'Relic' - with full military honours?

PostPosted: 05 Sep 2014, 18:16
by Yogi
Computer technology and the Internet that feeds it changes daily. Some people have a hard time keeping up with the advances and prefer doing things on their old equipment. It can indeed be costly to upgrade. Unfortunately, as you are discovering, the service providers will only support old technology back to a certain era. It's costly to support everything out there especially if the numbers of people using old equipment are dwindling.

YouTube is apparently sensing that you are using Windows XP, which literally is last century technology. Many people think it's the best product Microsoft ever produced, but it is several generations out of date now. So YouTube will stop feeding you content that can be played on Windows XP. You have your fair warning from them.

The CPU is the engine that makes your computer work. It's much like an engine in an automobile when it comes to power. Your car will perform much better if the engine has 6 or 8 cylinders powering it as compared to only 4. Well, Windows XP is the 2 cylinder engine of the computer world. So when you try to do things designed for a larger engine, the small engine becomes bogged down. It's a combination of you having slow and old equipment that was excellent in its day along with the fact modern multi-media providers using techniques that your hardware cannot handle. Given that Windows XP was first released in August of 2001, it's nearly astonishing that it still can be used thirteen years later.

There are alternatives to using Microsoft Windows products if you are willing to learn something a tiny bit different. I have no doubt we will see suggestions for you to migrate over to a Linux based operating system, and I can't argue too much against it. Although I think sticking with Microsoft products would be the least trouble in the long run. In any event, your old Win XP machine has served you well for a LONG time. It's time for that old soldier to simply fade away.

Re: Do I bury my 'Relic' - with full military honours?

PostPosted: 05 Sep 2014, 18:36
by JackGriffin
:grin: Admirably - & tactfully explained. Thankyou Sir. I guessed as much but thought that I would check in - with a trustworthy expert! Oh well - off to PC World to be totally confused. If I am missing for a while - 'tis coz my brain hurts & my wallet is crying fit to bust! :lol:

Re: Do I bury my 'Relic' - with full military honours?

PostPosted: 06 Sep 2014, 08:14
by Kellemora
HI Jack

You DO NOT have to spend a Fortune on a new computer! Stay OUT of those retail shops with off-the-shelf computers that are loaded down with things you don't need or want.

I have no computer in my office that cost over 300 bucks, although I'm currently looking at one for 599 bucks.

What do I get for 599 bucks? 8 core CPU, 8 gigs of memory, 10/100/1000 LAN, graphics card which supports two monitors.

The machines I bought for under 300 bucks all came with dual core CPUs and 4 gigs of memory. I've never needed 4 gigs, so took 2 gigs out and built a second computer for around 200 bucks, also with 2 gigs. My swap file has never been used, so I've never ran over using 2 gigs of RAM, even with the graphics I do.
However, I am running GNU/Linux which is conservative of memory. If I was running WinDoze I would need the 4 gigs of RAM.

In any case, the machine I'm considering for 599 bucks, would probably sell for over 1,200 dollars in a retail store. Unless you are a heavy gamer, you don't need all that much extra installed to handle the hi-end on-line virtual games.

I usually buy a new computer in a new cabinet, but since lightning took out my newest computers, I may just reuse my old cabinets for once, because I bought ones with large power supplies. This only saves about 35 bucks is all.

But even if you go with slightly higher priced stuff.
Cabinet 45 to 50 bucks.
Motherboard 65 to 85 bucks.
CPU 120 to 185 bucks
RAM 30 to 40 bucks for each 2 gig stick. Sometimes this is higher, sometimes lower.
Here I'm up to 400 bucks using the highest figures at 4 gigs RAM.
Or under 300 bucks using the lowest figures shown above.

All I'm saying is, you don't have to pay a fortune to get a top-end new computer. If you shop around, or know how to plug in your own parts, you can do much better than what I showed above, because those prices included assembly. Most retailers take their product cost, add inbound shipping, then double it to get the retail selling price. Albeit, computer shops are retailers, so they are doubling their product cost too. Which is why if you buy from suppliers and build your own, you can save even more.

If most of your software is for Windows, you will probably want to stick with Windows. Although a lot of it won't run on the newer Windows OS. So you may want to keep your old computer with XP on it for the serious things you want to do.


Re: Do I bury my 'Relic' - with full military honours?

PostPosted: 06 Sep 2014, 10:00
by JackGriffin
Thanks for that - Gary! I am a duffer with computers & rely heavily upon my Computernerd Son. I only use mine for writing, coming on here, listening to classical music & generally hiding - from my w*fe! My lad has promised to help me find a replacement - when he can find the time! Harry Chapin wrote & sung a haunting song called, 'Cats in the Cradle' - on the very subject! My boy - sure has grown up - just like me!

I shall hit the retail outlets just to see what's about & know that my youngest son will eventually not be able to resist - spending my money & lording over my ignorance.

I shall soldier on with my rig - until the bitter end & if needs must etc - will temporarily borrow a family laptop from one of the Gals! Why I have become so emotionally attached - to my old relic - is beyond my comprehension!

Thanks again - you two experts. I am nicely pea :mrgreen: green - with envy.

Re: Do I bury my 'Relic' - with full military honours?

PostPosted: 07 Sep 2014, 10:56
by Kellemora
Hi Jack

I'm no expert. I don't even swap out my own memory sticks, I take my machines to the Computer Repair Man.
He thinks I'm crazy, because he knows I used to be a chip level technician working on multi-CPU gaming boards.
I lost that ability over a decade ago. So don't touch the insides of my computers, hi hi...

Nevertheless, I was serious about not wasting your money at a Retail Store for a computer.
You can always do much better, often lower than half price, by going to a dedicated Computer Service and Sales Store. They are still a Retail store, usually local to your community, so the money stays in the community.
I've never been in a city yet that doesn't have at least two or three computer service stores offering fabulously low prices. Finding them might be the only challenge. If you have a college nearby, ask some students, they always seem to know who has the best equipment at the lowest price.


Re: Do I bury my 'Relic' - with full military honours?

PostPosted: 29 Sep 2014, 18:55
by JackGriffin
Hi Gary - my old relic hasn't quite given up the ghost - yet! My eldest son has volunteered to build me an upright system & feels that he can accommodate my very basic needs. I read your thread re 'New Computers are horrible' & think that maybe I should get a basic 'Dust Abacus'. With my w*fe's dislike of housework - there would be no problem about it's survival! Hmmmmmmmmmm - now where's my copy of the 'History of the Soroban'? :mrgreen:

Re: Do I bury my 'Relic' - with full military honours?

PostPosted: 30 Sep 2014, 14:43
by Kellemora
Hi Jack
msi BB series motherboards are just fine. It was only the A series that is locked to Mickey$oft ONLY...

Love my new Asus though, no problems installing anything on it.

What irks me is I have the book for the used computer I purchased, and it shows the memory stick from my fried Asus will fit it just fine. All the specs the same. I tested it on another machine and it reads just fine, so not damaged.
But I cannot get it to work on the used machine, not even by itself in any slot.

This is why I let the computer guys do their magic, hi hi...