NAS question for Yogi...

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NAS question for Yogi...

Postby Kellemora » 13 May 2014, 13:37

Hi Yogi

Need to bounce something off you, because I've yet to figure it out.

Our Comcast Cable Internet was out yesterday from around 1:30 to 8:30pm.

All of my computers on my local LAN were accessible without problems.

But I could not access my NAS. A little Network Area Server using a RAID system.

Naturally the NAS connects to my Router so it is accessible from any computer on the LAN.

After Comcast got our Internet back up again, then I could access the NAS.
So I tried an experiment. I unplugged the modem, and found I could not access my NAS.
Plugged the modem back up and waited for it to make a connection with Comcast and I could access the NAS again.

This has me worried big time, as I have all kinds of sensitive data stored on it.
I had no idea it needed the Internet to function.

I have sent an e-mail off to the manufacturer, but sorta doubt I will hear back from them.

Any ideas as to why it is doing this? And if so, can it be changed so it don't need an internet connection? I lost a whole day of work because the internet was down, and couldn't do normal stuff that didn't require to use the internet because the NAS was unavailable to me.

At least the external hard drive I use still worked as expected, but I don't place daily work stuff on it anymore, until the 3am automated backup takes place.

Worried to death over this now...

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