Debian 7 upgrade

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Debian 7 upgrade

Postby Kellemora » 24 Mar 2014, 12:25

Well, I managed to get my second oldest upgraded to Debian 7 now.
Two down, one to go.
The version has went up again, so there were several differences to contend with.
And I forgot how I managed to do it on the oldest computer, by the time I did my second oldest last night.
I really and truly HATE Gnome 3 with a passion. My computer is a desktop, not a friggin cell-phone. Dropping down to Gnome 3 Classic causes some undesirable changes to the video options.
But that is the one and only way to be able to use the Panels. Or to get things on the panels where you want them. The default settings in Gnome 3 are totally useless. What good is a system monitor on a lower hidden panel that you cannot observe. To get the panel to open, you have to hit the lower right corner with the mouse. Horrible horrible horrible design.

I still have my main computer to go. Debian is forcing us to move up, because the programs used are no longer upgraded. Google Chrome for example, has lost many functions that used to work just fine, because Google no longer updates Chrome for Debian 6.

I was thinking of looking at other desktops like XCFE4, but if I understand right, many of the utility programs I use are for Gnome only, and I don't want to learn new stuff again. hi hi...

In any case, last nights upgrade went well. I just forgot a few things.
I actually thought I outsmarted the upgrade by doing everything except the distribution upgrade, and used Upgrade Manager to check the new sources (changed to wheezy). Everything looked like wheezy but in Gnome 2. Until I checked the version number, said it was still Debian 6, and Google still gave the warning message. I rebooted again hoping. But no go, had to do the normal distribution upgrade using apt-get.

Debian 7 seems great. Nice and Stable. It's that lousy DOWNGRADE to Gnome 3 that irks me.

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