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Something different

PostPosted: 07 Nov 2013, 17:36
by Ice.Maiden
I signed up with some while ago, and on checking to see if there were any emails tonight, a large warning sign showed up across the inbox page. WARNING - 2 criminals live near you. Then it said: See who (with something to click onto). Of course I didn't click it, and logged off, but has anyone else come across this?

Re: Something different

PostPosted: 08 Nov 2013, 09:15
by Yogi is a fairly reputable organization. They would not allow any dangerous ads to contaminate their application, but they would allow irritating ones such as the one you saw. I have two accounts there which I use infrequently, and I have never run across that particular advertisement. I'm sure the reason for that is due to our difference in demographics. In any case, ads like that typically contain a link or button to bypass the offer. They don't make it obvious, of course, because they want you to read the full content. I'm sure if you looked carefully you will find a way to skip the ad - it's probably in very small print off in a corner of the screen. Click the skip and then proceed to your GMX account.

Re: Something different

PostPosted: 08 Nov 2013, 10:27
by Kellemora
Have you noticed more and more pop-up's are compiled from numerous separate components?

This is how they are getting around the pop-up blockers.
You can try blocking it, but it only blocks one part, of many parts.
I had one the other day that contained 9 different elements.
So it took creating 9 separate filters to finally get it from reappearing.

Another thing they are doing, is using a sub-program that darkens your screen.
If you don't click on the link, OR on the micro-miniature Exit button, your screen will stay darkened.

My cure for that is I add the entire domain to my blacklist, then remove the long list attributed to them from my pop-up blocking list.

I run several background programs, letting me know a considerable amount of information about a link, both before I click on it, and afterwards, before it is allowed to load. I've hit several websites that have in excess of thirty different tracking cookies. Even though I have them all blocked, when I do let the site open. They have one annoying pop-up after another.

I retweet good articles I find when I'm on twitter. But every time I hit a website with these multi-part pop-ups, I leave them a message telling them WHY I would not retweet their webpage link.
The number of folks adamant about keeping their pop-ups is amazing. They laugh because they have mastered getting around the pop-up filters. If they do, their whole website gets added to my blacklist. And I remove seeing their tweets.
Problems solved, for me anyhow.


Re: Something different

PostPosted: 08 Nov 2013, 12:52
by Ice.Maiden
Thank you both.

I shall have a look to see if anything's still there when I next use GMX Yogi.