Windows 8 Failure

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Windows 8 Failure

Postby Yogi » 03 Nov 2013, 14:50

Recently the Motley Fool made an editorial observation that is pretty obvious to many of the geeks who read this forum. Their reasoning behind claiming Windows 8 is a failure, however, is unique but hardly a new argument. Apparently Asus has developed what best can be termed as a hybrid of a laptop and a mobile device. They call it the Transformer Book Trio.

The Transformer Book Trio comes equipped with two operating systems: Windows 8 and Google's Android. The argument is that since such a thing exists, it proves that Windows 8 is a failure. Microsoft too intended it's latest operating system to be a hybrid but contained in one package. Their flagship product, the Microsoft Surface, is experiencing disappointing results, but the fate of Windows 8 in general is not as bad. Regardless, the appearance of a device that has both Windows 8 and Android is taken as a bad omen by the Motley Fool.

I've been around long enough to recognize the pattern in everything from cell phone networks, digital television receivers, CD recording formats, to hybrid automobiles. When there are two (or more) very strong competitors in the marketplace, the Asian manufactures take advantage of it by building devices that mesh all the standards into one package. This is supposed to be a breakthrough and indicative of failure for the competitors. As I see it, the failure here is on Asus's side of the table with it's price of $1,440 for their hybrid.

Don't get me wrong. My opinion is that Microsoft read the market incorrectly for several years. Windows 8 is proof of their coming to the game late with too little to offer. But the game has not changed and Microsoft still dominates the field by a wide margin. There will be a new CEO in Redmond soon, and that is going to be the pivotal moment for Microsoft. Don't count Microsoft, or their obnoxious progeny Windows 8, out just yet. Stay tuned for further developments. ... e-pro.aspx
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