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Higher Speed Internet

Postby kg » 03 Mar 2013, 03:32

I know I made a similar post a while back, but I couldn't (easily) find it, so I'll start another one. My contract with Charter ended, and as a result, the price went up significantly, so I renegotiated my contract to bring the price down again, which I did.

I was successful in bringing the price down, and gained a few things. For one, I gained a number of the new channels that have been added in the interim (they have nothing on them, either), but I gained another advantage. My initial deal on Internet speed was 12 Mb/s, which was upped to 15 Mb/s shortly afterwards. This time around, the speed has been upped to 30 Mb/s...twice the speed of my old contract.

So far, I'm not particularly impressed with the increase in (potential) speed. Oh, it's a tiny bit snappier in a few cases, but I have yet to test it with downloads that might actually realize any improvement. I downloaded the latest Puppy Linux through a torrent, but as there were only two seeders (and the download was less than 200 MB), it wasn't really a fair test. Fact is, speed is not only determined by my download speed, but the speed at which the data can be delivered by the source.

So, I have yet to find the true potential of this increase of speed. I tested it using Speedtest.net , and with most servers near me (including Chicago) tested at well over 30 Mb/s download (a couple tested at over 50), that means little if the site or the pathway between it and me is slow.

Ah well, I did notice that I was able to access some European sites with little delay. The higher speed may come in handy yet, but the difference isn't so significant that I couldn't have stuck with my 15 Mb/s service. Anything that impresses me is yet to be seen.
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Re: Higher Speed Internet

Postby Yogi » 03 Mar 2013, 07:32

My DSL line peaks around 640kb at the gateway on my router and Ubuntu takes a good 20 minutes or more to download a distribution. There are a few places that max out my connection, and I would be testing any improvements here against one of those.

Aside from potential delays on the public network and servers, your own LAN, hardware, and OS are factors in determining transaction speed as well. If you don't have your house wired for fiber, that optical cable feeding you won't do much good, for example. If you don't have a gigabyte router and NIC, your home network might never see more than 10mbps. And if your drivers are not up to date, you are limited to their imperfections.

Be that all as it may, you already made the big test. You are happy with what you have regardless of the specs. :mrgreen:
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Re: Higher Speed Internet

Postby Kellemora » 03 Mar 2013, 11:39

We have Comcast here, it's the ONLY option.
For a few years we had their full package, the price kept going up and up and up.
We finally pulled the plug on everything except the Internet connection through Comcast.
It started at 45 bucks then soared quickly to over 76 bucks a month, for Internet Only.

We keep receiving advertising for Cable TV - Phone - 30mbs Internet for 79.95.
That is what we had before, at 12mbs and it shot up to 186 per month.
Took off the phone and it went down by 12 bucks, even though they advertised the phone at 19.95 per month.

For telephone, I now us Ooma, cost $0.00 per month. The provide everything I want, but do have an optional package for $9.95 per month. The only thing I see I would use the optional package is the ability to blacklist telemarketers and place a block on individual phone numbers, even if unknown, at the touch of a button.

The frau ordered Direct TV when we cut the cable TV. Image quality is far superior to what Comcast was feeding us. Many more stations and for considerably less cost.

It doesn't seem like there is anything we can do about the exorbitanly high price they charge for a cable Internet connection.
They continually advertise that 20mbps internet only is only 34.99 for the first six months, and 50mbps at 59.99 per month for the first six months. They don't tell you that after the first six months, the more than double the price. And if you are on a contract, you are stuck.
Of course you are stuck anyhow, since they are a Monopoly and you can't get cable internet from anyone else.

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