Cloud Computing: An Example

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Cloud Computing: An Example

Postby Yogi » 05 Jan 2012, 10:27

A move to the world of "Cloud Computing" has been underway for a few years now. Smart phones and their attendant App Stores have led the way with such great success that the future of desktop computers has been questioned. While there are many pros and cons behind the idea of Cloud Computing, Microsoft will be using it to change the way we all use our computers. This spring they will be giving away their Flight Simulator program for free. The catch is that in order to expand your flight coverage and build an inventory of airships, you will have to buy extensions. That in itself is nothing new for this software, but the fact that you will be doing it from the Cloud is new. Coincidentally (or not) Windows 8 is set to do exactly the same thing. The basic Windows 8 system will be readily available, but giving it some power and applications will now be via an App Store. It's all going to be in the Clouds from hereon out.

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