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David Cameron says ....

PostPosted: 18 Jan 2015, 19:33
by Ice.Maiden

Re: David Cameron says ....

PostPosted: 19 Jan 2015, 18:50
by Yogi
Would you care to give us an idea of what you find interesting about the article so that we might discuss it?

Re: David Cameron says ....

PostPosted: 19 Jan 2015, 22:32
by Ice.Maiden
I was hoping that other people might wish to take the lead, because it's one of those statements which can be controversial and go on and on.

I don't think it's right to deliberately offend anyone.

Unfortunately, what one sees as offensive, another might laugh at or ignore. We're supposed to have freedom of speech, but in actual fact, we don't.

If ordinary Joe Bloggs'd posted that in a newspaper or commented on radio or TV, there'd be an uproar from certain elements.

Supposing his remarks would've been racist? If he believes that it's alright to insult or offend, that'd surely come under the umbrella?

People DO make (sometimes offensive) digs at religion, but it just appeared to me that it's alright for Cameron to agree with it, but no one else's supposed to.

Re: David Cameron says ....

PostPosted: 21 Jan 2015, 20:14
by pilvikki

to me, this neatly sums up the problem:

"The reference to a punch could easily be taken for a justification of violence in response to insult."

see, every damn thing has to be twisted and taken out of context! I mean, where is the logic in assuming the pope is advocating violence? anyone going there is already looking for an excuse, so it needs not be spelled out.

why is it necessary to insult anyone? as long as laws are held up, believe and practice whatever hell you want and allow the rest do the same.

another thing, everybody needs to know what the pope/lama/queen/president says about something and immediately their opinions become hotly criticized and debated. as if they're not allowed personal opinions.

Re: David Cameron says ....

PostPosted: 26 Jan 2015, 06:40
I think Cameron, for once, was right. Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are two very important ideals. The pope was saying that maybe after the Charlie Hebdo attack that paper should have shut up. But to shut up would have made the terrorists win, to give out a message that any Islamic loony who doesn't like what you're saying or printing can simply attack you and you'll stop saying things the loony doesn't like. The pope is an idiot if he thinks we should just keep our mouths closed and not print what we want.

Yes, others have said that maybe Charlie Hebdo was stirring up a hornets nest, and then by printing the picture of mohammed that they gave the hornets nest an almighty kick. But why shouldn't they print a picture of mohammed, it's just a picture? If the fanatics can't take a little criticism to their religion it seems they are not truly of that religion and simply use religion to oppress and sow fear and terror.

Guy i follow on Twitter has just had a threat to kill his 5 year old daughter because he won't stop posting about mohammed being a pedophile rapist. In the Sahih al-Bukhari (Muslim holy book), mohammed marries a 6 year old and consummates the marriage when she's 9. All Sherlock is doing is quoting facts according to Sunni Muslims, but the loonies are using this as a way to oppress Sherlock, to take away his freedom of speech. It won't work, as with most Atheists, if you attack us we only become more vocal.

We should have the right to criticise any religion, no one should use terror to try and take that right away.

Oh, and pope, when you bring the pedophile rapist priests to justice i might, for one day, stop criticising your religion.

Re: David Cameron says ....

PostPosted: 26 Jan 2015, 10:46
by pilvikki

Oh, and pope, when you bring the pedophile rapist priests to justice i might, for one day, stop criticising your religion.

I think he's actually doing something about that. I read that somewhere, but am not really so much into the pope thing to go rummage.