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Good Advice?

PostPosted: 24 Sep 2012, 12:01
by Yogi

Re: Good Advice?

PostPosted: 25 Sep 2012, 13:11
by Kellemora
I think there are way to many writers out there these days that do it the other way around! ;-)

Re: Good Advice?

PostPosted: 28 Sep 2012, 18:58
by kg

Personally, I can do neither. I find it impossible to compose a coherent missive while I'm drinking, let alone give serious thought to editing it.

I can't understand how others do so...perhaps they don't, and that explains all the "novels" out there that I've read and thought, "WTF?!" :doh:

Re: Good Advice?

PostPosted: 29 Sep 2012, 09:07
by Kellemora
If folks only knew, how many of those so-called best selling authors they follow, only wrote one book, partially wrote a second, and all the rest are in-house publications, gone over by linguists and shoved out the door under the authors name.