wet mops

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wet mops

Postby pilvikki » 02 Oct 2009, 23:14

or whatever they're called. you know, the ones that carry their own bottles around just like my great uncle.

[ img ]

anyway, when i bought it, i thought the bottle was refillable, but no.... they're not stupid and you can't get the cap off. i ran out in the middle of cleaning the mess saxon and lucy had cooked up.

bugger, now what? there was no way i was going to hop into the van and scoot off to buy another one. so i cut a hole in the top [which is the bottom of the upside down bottle] and poured in enough of my own concoction to do the floors.

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Re: wet mops

Postby Ice.Maiden » 05 Oct 2009, 21:06

Ever resourceful women eh! :clap:

Good idea!
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