Foreign Animals

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Foreign Animals

Postby Yogi » 01 Nov 2011, 18:58

Do all people hear animals the same way?
Nope :mrgreen: ... EpudI87Pew
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Re: Foreign Animals

Postby pilvikki » 01 Nov 2011, 19:34

ok, that was absolutely fascinating!

now, why is that the japanese guy - to my ears - only got the cow right, and the cow sounded exactly like the cows i've known? the rest were so far off i'd never been able to guess. was he a farmer? :mrgreen:

i'm pretty sure most of those people had now spent much time with said critters, so... they'd copy only what they thought the animals sounded like.

mind you, i'd not be able to ape an ape even while sitting next to one...

tone deaf. :roll:
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