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Sore Hips.

PostPosted: 09 May 2010, 17:14
by MWB
For the last few nights, I've found that lying in bed on either side, my hips are sore. Kind of like pressure sore. Not pain. So I have to turn over a lot. I'm fine on my back. It doesn't wake me up, I only notice it when I'm reading or when I wake up & stay in bed for a bit to wake up properly.

No problems during the day in any way.

Re: Sore Hips.

PostPosted: 01 Jun 2010, 11:59
by brandtrn
Sorry I'm so late answering this post. I've had a crazy schedule the past few weeks at work, and then I went on vacation. Anyway, I'm sorry to say that before I can venture a guess as to what might be causing your night hip soreness, I have a few questions. First, do you work out on a fairly regular basis? If so, muscle pulls might be the cause. Have you had any recent significant weight gain (or loss)? What is your normal sleeping position? How old is your mattress and what type of mattress do you sleep on? Do you have any history of osteoarthritis or bursitis? Do you have any back pain in addition to the hip pain at night? How about any sweating or fevers? I suppose those are all the questions I have for now...

Re: Sore Hips.

PostPosted: 09 Jun 2010, 15:57
by MWB
Hi Cindy. My health is fine, thanks & the hip soreness in bed is sporadic now.

I reckon it's my "NEW" bed! I've contacted the bed people again & the chap will be coming out to my house to have another look at it. This time I'll be very firm about it being no good for me & that I want a replacement.

The reason I reckon it's the bed is that when I sleep in the hotel beds, they are sooo comfy & I never have any aches or pains while in them or when I get out of them.

My new bed was comfy for about a month.