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so tired, and other things..

PostPosted: 13 Jan 2010, 22:31
by vettechie
Hi there. First off I know I should call my doctor, but Im going to ask you and get a feel for what you think anyway.

Ok, about 4 months ago, I decided that I needed to change my eating habits and all that, I had gained a bit of weight and was feeling awful. I also started a vitamin regimen (multi for women, and b12). I also switched jobs during this time.

Things had been going great, until ater thanksgiving, when I started having trouble sleeping. I would lay there or over an hour beore falling asleep, then wake up early-4amish- and wide awake. Then I would drift back off an hour or so later, just in time to wake up again.

I thought it was more energy due to a better diet, and losing some weight. But now for the past 4 days, I have been achey, tired and have a general yucky feeling. All I want to do is sleep. It is my time of the month (tmi-sorry) but otherwise nothing has changed.

My boss thinks I may be anemic. can this suddenly happen? Thoughts?

Re: so tired, and other things..

PostPosted: 14 Jan 2010, 13:51
by C-T
Some hopefully helpful advice posted the other day. Try some of those ideas.

Re: so tired, and other things..

PostPosted: 15 Jan 2010, 07:28
by mamie
This could be a simple hormonal imbalance that your doctor could pick up just by running a few tests; or it may the symptom of a larger problem. Please make an appointment with your doctor and let him handle the details - he/she could have you feeling as good as new quickly. Sleep deprivation is serious if not handled correctly.

Re: so tired, and other things..

PostPosted: 16 Jan 2010, 13:37
by pilvikki

while waiting for the boss....

i'm thinking it's your grazing habits. i used to have a heavy job and not eat enough, then, just like that i'd not be able to get out of bed for being exhausted. i'd lean on the walls to get to the bathroom. after a week of feeling weak i'd be back to abnormal again.

also, if i go to bed with an empty stomach, i can't sleep, or sleep very lightly and sporadically.