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off the wall topic

PostPosted: 26 Jan 2012, 01:24
by pilvikki

i'm so glad you're here, so i can ask all these really dumb questions and know you'll give it some thought anyway...

ok, here goes:

we have a friend doing some renovations and the dogs are terrified of him, even after several weeks. lilymutt will actually walk towards him - then turn tail and run, often barking madly. she's part chihuahua so she's extra vocal [read: drives me nuts with her yapping], but she's always come around and sometimes even gets very friendly with total strangers after 5 mins.

but not with chris. lucy... she'll climb into my lap, hides behind me on the couch, under the table, out the door, anything to get away from him.

wow. the guy is as mellow as they get. he works from morning 'till night, bothers nobody to the point that you have to keep reminding him to stop long enough to eat. known him for.... 27 yrs, so i know he's the nonviolent sort. :shrug:

now, the reason i'm asking you is because chris is both hiv pos and has hep c - and something is gnawing away his hip bone from an old infection. he stepped on a nail last march, didn't get it checked out at once and it spread into the lymph glands. dumbass. because of that nail he now has to have hip replacement.

now i'm wondering if the dogs could be reacting to his myriad of health issues? ever heard about that?

Re: off the wall topic

PostPosted: 26 Jan 2012, 09:34
by brandtrn
Actually, I've heard of many canine responses to human illness, but that's not one of them. Many dogs can actually "smell" cancer, anticipate seizures, and the like. When they detect these in their owners, the majority of dogs will react protectively...and yet, I've read literature that suggests that illness in humans can also be interpreted as "weakness" by many dogs, most notably by the more "aggressive" breeds (Dobermans, Rottweilers, etc.) and will cause them to behave accordingly. Is it possible that your friend's illness is making your baby fearful? I don't honestly know, but it makes sense to me...

Re: off the wall topic

PostPosted: 26 Jan 2012, 16:16
by pilvikki

maybe lily's barking is an allert...? which then sets off lucy's fear?

i donno, it's absolutely maddening, but thanks!

btw, daughter's dog will inform anyone with an infection by shoving his nose in wherever it is. ear infection? nose in the ear. yeast infection? well, you know.... :o