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Dyeing hair.

PostPosted: 05 Aug 2011, 20:38
by Ice.Maiden
Four and a half years ago, my friend finished chemo and radiotherapy after having cancer. When her hair grew back again, it was streaked with grey instead of being naturally dark, so she dyed it.

Now she's worried, as during a check-up, she was told that she should've waited for at least 6 months before using any hair dye, and she's worried in case it harms her. What do you think?

Re: Dyeing hair.

PostPosted: 06 Aug 2011, 07:00
by Rusty
This is what Cancer research has to say about it: ... fter-chemo

It`s not a case of hair dye harming your friend.It`s just a case of it harming her hair if it was still too fragile for permanent or semi permanent hair dye to be used on it.

Re: Dyeing hair.

PostPosted: 06 Aug 2011, 14:57
by Ice.Maiden
Thank you Rusty. I've passed that on

Re: Dyeing hair.

PostPosted: 20 Jan 2012, 00:39
by brandtrn
Sorry for neglecting this forum for so long...I agree with Rusty. The big risk with the hair dye is to the hair, which will be more fragile as it growsback in. I'll also say that the new hair growing back in different colors (or textures, etc,) is not at all unusual. I experienced this myself following chemo. Tell your friend not to worry, and sorry it took so long for my reply! I'll work on being better with this!