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Re: sad comment

PostPosted: 11 Nov 2008, 08:53
by pilvikki
so... you're scared?

just like the white slave owners of yore...

i have no idea what he's like, but i've seen from first hand experience what the media will do to get a story and i'm not sure we can rely on it to tell us who this man is.

i'll wait and see, it should become obvious pretty soon.

Re: sad comment

PostPosted: 12 Nov 2008, 01:02
by jakimbro
I think its obvious now what kind of man he is- and yes it scares me. It scares me how he has brainwashed the whole country into believing he is someone that he is not.

It is no exaggeration to say that NOW Barack Obama is the most famous black man who has ever lived. I pray to God he uses this immense favor that God has shown him to do good works and good things instead of propagating more evil.

But for good or ill- we will just have to wait and see!

Re: sad comment

PostPosted: 12 Nov 2008, 05:16
by meadow
he's black. just like my niece & nephew are black.

ain't no one used the word mulatto outside of the ignorant South since i was a little girl. *LOL*

pilvikki: i've heard a few peeps say they are worried that Obama might be assassinated. personally? i don't see it happening. everyone has too much to lose if that happens at this stage in world politics.

Re: sad comment

PostPosted: 12 Nov 2008, 19:51
by pilvikki
i'm not concerned with political opponents trying to off him, but some nutjob redneck who knows shite about anything...

Re: sad comment

PostPosted: 12 Nov 2008, 22:21
by jakimbro
i'm not concerned with political opponents trying to off him, but some nutjob redneck who knows shite about anything...

Gee - sterotype much? So If i said something like everyone from Finland smells like fish- that'd be okay, would it?

My parents are rednecks. I'm the son of a redneck. They believe in God, America and Constitution of the United States. they don't own guns- but they believe in the right to OWN guns- something obama does not believe in- mostly because like all misguided liberals he believes in the stereotype of the nutjob redneck.

Remember Obama said this about the small town gunowner:
And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them.

I believe you OWE me an apology. thank you!

Re: sad comment

PostPosted: 13 Nov 2008, 00:12
by pilvikki
i WAS referring to the stereotype...


Re: sad comment

PostPosted: 15 Nov 2008, 12:03
by jakimbro
i WAS referring to the stereotype...

Well then you were referring to me- and honey-chile- IMHO: Barack Obama ain't worth the powder that it would take to blow him straight to hell.

Re: sad comment

PostPosted: 18 Nov 2008, 16:01
by meadow
why would anyone be proud to be the epitome of a stereotype....deserves to be called it. rednecks are nothing to be proud of or take any sort of pride in. rednecks are what have flat out ruined this country. yuck!

and don't you DARE apologize, pilvikki. i got what you were saying. too bad reading comprehension isn't someone's strong suit. ;)

Re: sad comment

PostPosted: 19 Nov 2008, 01:16
by jakimbro
Although this bit appeared in another article elsewhere posted on NBF- its entirely appropriate to the incredible prejudice and cultural
elitism that we are witnessing here:

In the US, terms such as ‘Nascar Dads’, ‘Valley Girls’, ‘Joe six-pack’ or ‘redneck’ have become codewords for the white working classes or the ‘underclass’. In Britain, commentators use different phrases for undesirable sections of society: ‘chavs’, ‘white van man’, ‘Worcester Woman’, ‘tabloid readers’. These are the kind of people who do not write for The Huffington Post and whose lifestyles are looked upon as alien by the very high-minded cultural elites. The very fact that ‘these people’ breed, are unashamedly carnivorous, are not on a diet, sometimes drink beer, sometimes smoke and sometimes partake in even cruder pleasures of life means they cannot be treated as the moral equals of their cosmopolitan superiors. ... icle/5699/

So what you really are all saying is that rednecks are subterraneans- subhumans- precisely the kind of language ADOLF used to describe the Jews! And you are scapegoating these people- programming the nation to look down upon them- US - as if we were some kind of breed of mongrel dog that ought to be put down.

Well NEWSFLASH- the WHITE working class made this nation. WHITE WORKERS are still the backbone of this country- and not withstanding Obama- we will continue to be the only stalwart upholders of the true AMERICAN values as put forth in the Constitution of the USA, and as envisoned by the Puritans as they landed on Plymouth Rock. "In GOD we trust."

So when you sit down to your turkey dinners a week from now- I hope you all remember that you owe it all to a handful of Christian White working Men and Women whom you now a days despise as rednecks.

Re: sad comment

PostPosted: 19 Nov 2008, 02:35
by meadow
hey, you ignorant jackass, in case you forgot or are retarded? my whole entire, extended family is working class. we are blue collar, hardworking, regular people living paycheck to paycheck.


when? where? how?

what the #@$% are you even TALKING ABOUT?

i'm not ashamed of being white, i'm ashamed of being anything remotely lumped in with YOU. rednecks? no thanks. i'll pass. they can keep their white trash, ignorant, lazy asses where they belong: in the trailer parks drinking PBR. i'll lump certain members of my jerky ass family on my momma's side with you.

you didn't build this country. you have contributed NOTHING to your way of life. you don't want to get anywhere but the exact shithole you stew in every day.

at least i know in 10 years i won't be here in the same job in the same place. and at least i've traveled out of my home state! [going to Georgia doesn't count, champ.] i want better for my life and i'm willing to do what i can for that.

and not wait for some mook to hand it to me on a platter like you do.

btw, i eat meat. my dad & large portions of my family drink beer on a more than regular basis. we drive trucks, wear uniforms to work and wonder how the #@$% we are going to make it. we got cops, teachers, small business owners, manual laborers, nurses, speech therapists, possibly a few criminals and folks in general. WE are the ones that built up this country, not sad sacks of shit like you. what the #@$% have you EVER contributed to the world???? other than idiocy? at least i know my place in the world. i struggle to make it out of it but i'm still proud of who i am, where i came from and who my family is right now. i ain't ashamed of a single one of them, including the stupid sʞɔnɟ, but that don't mean i gotta be them.

you are the most ignorant person, other than a few choice others i've seen here and shall remain nameless lest they show up, that's on here. quit complainin' you loser. no one CARES what you think anymore!

Re: sad comment

PostPosted: 19 Nov 2008, 04:41
by jakimbro
As much fun as insulting me and rednecks seems to be for you all, Its off topic here. Pivlikki is living in great fear, apparently of a nationwide conspiracy by the redneck population of America to assasinate Obama. I can assure you that this is not so.

While I can't speak for all rednecks- I can speak for the people that I know and the culture that I come from. And I can draw on past examples of recent modern history. The root of the assasination fear seems to stem from the assasination of Martin Luther King and President Kennedy back in the 1960s. Both were over a generation ago and the American South has greatly changed since those days of unrest and racial segregation.

If the KKK were as active today as media pundits and fearmongers would have us believe, as they were back then, then Obama would have never made it alive this long. Racial incidents in the South are at an all time low. You will at this point say- "well Jerry- what about the Genna 6?" Well that was a media fraud - plain and simple. You can google half a dozen places online and see this is so. The truth is that the stereotype of the racist redneck is ingrained in our national pysche and sells papers, books and movies. The media doesn't want to let it go.

The truth also is the assasinations of King and Kennedy were politically motivated- by whom we shall never know. But enough evidence exists to suggest a sizable conspiracy existed to silence these two men that has nothing to do with thier race- and everything to do with thier politics.

The racist rednecks i know - and let me take a second to explain what I mean by racist. To me it means being proud of YOUR race. Proud of your family- who YOU are and where your roots come from. I believe everyone is racist to some extent. If they say they are not- they are lying. Racism is part of human pyschology- it probably extends back to the stone age when mankind was a bunch of warring tribes fighting over mammoths and caves to live in. There is nothing wrong with being racist. The problem is to recognize the limitations of your racism and overcome it. I know I have. But I also know I am racist- proud of my white southern ancestors and not ashamed to admit it.

However, it doesn't mean I run around burning crosses or hanging nooses everwhere- but it doesn't mean I am consumed with racial guilt either. How they lived back then has nothing to do with how i live now. I know not to judge them thorugh the prism of my own life. But I can be proud of how they struggled amd overcame troubles that I can't even imagine! Their challenges and struggles were very different than my own- and I don't doubt that if I or anyone alive today were to suddenly be transported back to the mid 1800s- well they would begin to see things in a whole different way.

Anyway- most rednecks i know bare little grudge against Obama. Most are content to live their own lives. What difference does it make what color skin Obama has- provided he tries to be an honest and honarable politician. I don't think he IS such a person - for reasons I have detailed elsewhere- and a lot of people agree with me. However- there is no organized armed conspriacy to take Obama out with an assasination attempt. Instead, He is being sued in at least twenty states challenging his constitutional right to be president- in short - people who oppose Obama- rednecks included - are seeking redress from the courts and not from the guns.

I think there IS a conspiracy and a cultural revolution underway to attack the white working class- the people that Obama described as bitter- clinging to their guns and to God. This is because Obama like so many of his liberal followers despises these people- US- based on misconceptions and sterotypes and lies told about this group in the media- and because so many people believe it- Legislation to attack gunowners and God worshippers may be soon coming forth from the Obama adminstration. This would be an attack on the working class backbone of America- and if it should happen that Obama sees fit to pursue his OWN racial prejudices- then he may well find a second civil war on his hands.

But I don't believe it will go to that extreme. I think its only months before Obama is exposed as a consummate liar and a fraud- and the resulting chaos will paralyze the democratic congress into doing nothing (as usual.) But Obama lovers need not worry- he won't be assasinated or impeached (what president ever is?) and he will be allowed to carry out the wishes of his Illumanti masters by starting up a new war in the Middle east- possibly with Iran or Pakistan: he will be allowed to nationalize institutions like the big Auto manufactors, the health care industry and many of the service industries- all to move America closer to the Communist facist state that the Illumanti wants it to be. Obama in fact will be allowed to live so that one day his image will grace a mountian top or a national holiday for all the fools and traitors who voted for him- some were rednecks as well.

So I think the SAD COMMENT is not that Obama is in danger of being killed by a rabble of racist rednecks- but in that he will continue his illegal occupation of the Presidency unchallenged by the courts, the media or the dumbed down populace of America. The sad comment is he will become a national hero- and become beloved by many- when in fact Obama is a lair, an usurper, and a consummate con man of the first order. And thats how I know his administration will be deemed a overwhelming success by history.

And thats the saddest comment of them all.


Re: sad comment

PostPosted: 19 Nov 2008, 09:50
by forumadmin
We are living in manically historic times. The very foundations of society are being shaken these days whether it be capitalism's demise or a final victory over racism, our comfort zones have all been shaken to their roots in relatively quick order. I fully recognize that that kind of global change cannot help but result in fears accompanied by wailing and gnashing of teeth. This is the (web site) forum in which to express all those concerns and fears so that we may get to know them better and deal with them effectively.

However ...

There is a limit to the amount of sniping and personal attacks that can be tolerated in the name of a frank and open discussion. I don't want to shut down any thread or send out any nasty-grams because people are shooting at the messenger instead of sticking to the topic. The issues being discussed are too important to be sidetracked by conflicts between personalities.

Thank you all for your cooperation in this matter.

Re: sad comment

PostPosted: 21 Nov 2008, 01:25
by pilvikki
what a shame that a perfectly reasonable comment became totally twisted out of context and turned into a huge platform for the study of semantics...


Re: sad comment

PostPosted: 25 Nov 2008, 07:36
It's also a shame that colour becomes such an issue with some, to the point that they see the colour first and the person last. :(