Puppy Fur

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Puppy Fur

Postby Daboo72 » 15 Jan 2010, 22:51

Hello everyone.......Once again I need answers....lol.....
My Pomeranian is about 14 months now and she for some reason does not have the same Fluffy Hair she had as a Pup.Dpnt get me wrong she has no Bald spots or anything, she just lost her fluff....I read online that her fur should grow back in a few years but I'm looking for Confirmation.....Anyone know what I'm talking about ?
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Re: Puppy Fur

Postby MWB » 16 Jan 2010, 04:40

Hi Daboo.

A friend of mine used to breed Pomeranians & still has a cute wee 10 year old girl called Teddy. (Who, I've told my friend, if she ever goes missing, will be at my house with me. She's such an adorable thing!)

She, (my friend, not Teddy) said the puppy fluff falls out &, for a while, the Poms look a bit strange before the adult slightly coarser fur grows. It's all very normal & grows in sooner than a few years! She found the average was about 2-4 months.

So no need to worry.
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