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Lump on dog's eyelid?

PostPosted: 25 Oct 2013, 16:02
by brandtrn
My oldest dog, Lucy, has a lump on her upper eyelid, which appeared very suddenly (as in: one day, it wasn't there, and the next morning, it was). She had previously been suffering from an exacerbation of her canine acne, but she's never had any pimples on her eyelids before, only on her chin and around her lips. I don't want to use the same med that my vet gave her (a mild benzoyl peroxide solution in the form of wipes) for her chin acne on this eye bump...perhaps it's not related to the acne issue at all? But is it likely that a stye or a cyst would appear so very suddenly on a dog? In any case, the lump has been on her eye for a few days now, and it's probably bothering ME more than it's bothering her. There is no swelling or redness, I don't see her scratching or rubbing at her eye, and she doesn't appear to be in any kind of discomfort whatsoever. The bump is, however, hard to the touch. I guess I'm wondering if I'm being an alarmist, or if I should, in fact, take her straight-away to the vet. Any advice you can give would be much appreciated!

Re: Lump on dog's eyelid?

PostPosted: 26 Oct 2013, 16:14
by pilvikki

my friend's dog grew one of those overnight and in her case it was a hematoma. it was the size of a half of a pingpong ball, and easily dealt with.

hope lucy's is as simple a solution.