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Hi all

PostPosted: 22 Nov 2007, 19:41
by vettechie
Hi all, I am here to answer any pet or pet health questions for you! So feel free to ask away.

A little background.

I have been in the veterinary feild for nearly 10 years. I hold a national and state liscence in veterinary technology, as well as a degree in animal sciences/veterinary technology. I have worked with many species and even wildlife in my career.

I am in the process now of getting my advanced dental certification ( I have the basic one), and a wildlife rehab liscence. These may take a while, but it will be great to get.

Just so you guys know- like a nurse- I cannot prescribe medications or diagnose, but can give you valid medical advice, or clear up any questions you may have about a condition your pet has.

again- ask away!

Re: Hi all

PostPosted: 23 Nov 2007, 00:07
by pilvikki
thank you! :cool2:

Re: Hi all

PostPosted: 26 Oct 2011, 20:30
by Ice.Maiden

I AM glad you're there, because I have a question for you when I have a bit more time, but quite a while back now, I asked a question and received no reply, so I thought you'd left the site.

I'll get back to you later then.

PostPosted: 27 Oct 2011, 13:49
by Yogi
Icey - try sending her an e-mail via the PM system. I think Marg would get that before she sees anything posted here.

Re: Hi all

PostPosted: 27 Oct 2011, 14:37
by Ice.Maiden
Thank you Yogi.

Re: Hi all

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2011, 10:14
by pilvikki

i think she said PM's would go into her phone as notifications...

perhaps ask her to post a clarification; whatever method i used a while back, she was on it!