Peculiar Cat Behaviour.

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Peculiar Cat Behaviour.

Postby MWB » 04 Jul 2010, 16:03

Hi, Vettechie!

I have 4 cats ranging in ages from about 2 to 8 - 2 females & 2 males = all fixed, (although they were never broken in the first place.) :mrgreen:

It's my 8 year old girl, Pip, who's the problem. She's generally a normal cat, she runs up to me when I get home, she comes onto my knee, she sometimes sleeps on my bed with some of the others, etc. But in the last couple of months she's become a bit peculiar. All 4 cats get on together for the most part, there's hardly any scrapping, or if there is it's minor, they all have their own food bowls & own favourite napping places.

She has started to growl & hiss, cower & run/slink off when the other 3 are around. She'll be on my knee & start to growl if any one of the others come in the cat door or come into the same room. They don't have to do anything but that - they don't menace her or come too near or anything. They'll be minding their own business, but Pip will act like it's the end of the world.

Last night was an extreme example. She was on my bed, the others were either out & about doing cat things or whatever. She was as happy as a clam till she heard the cat door & immediately started the growling - whatever cat it was hadn't even come into my bedroom yet! I stroked her & talked to her but she kept it up & of course the hissing started when my other cat came into the bedroom. But they didn't come onto the bed, yet Pip kept the growling & hissing up for ages, even when they'd left the room! She even turned on my hand, but just a warning gentle nip.

What's happened here? Why has she started doing this? It's completely unwarranted as far as I can tell. All 4 get the same amount of attention, are all wormed, de-flea'd, & in excellent health.
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Re: Peculiar Cat Behaviour.

Postby vettechie » 04 Jul 2010, 16:59

something is making her anxious. It could be something outside that you cant smell or see, but she can. It could be anything new in your house- even something seemingly minor. Do your cats go outside? they could be bringing some strange odor. Maybe she doesnt hear or see as well as she once did, I would suggest an exam, and also Talk to your vet about a drug called buspar or buspirone. Its a really mild anti anxiety medication for cats and in my practice we see a ton of benifit.
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